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Winemaker's Choice Special $100
($75.00 wine club)
Pug Rescue $25
Lauburu Cuvee $32
($24.00 wine club)
Basque Honey $18
($13.50 wine club)
2013 Cabernet Sauvignon $30
($22.50 wine club)
2013 Sublime $32
($24.00 wine club)
2015 Sangiovese $32
($24.00 wine club)
2015 Syrah $32
($24.00 wine club)
Melange Rouge $34
($25.50 wine club)
sold out 2013 Malbec $34
($25.50 wine club)
sold out Bilera $30
($22.50 wine club)
sold out 2012 Dos Vi┼łas $32
($24.00 wine club)
sold out Syrah3 $30
($22.50 wine club)
sold out 2013 Single Barrel Zinfandel $28
($21.00 wine club)
sold out 2015 Willow Creek White $28
($21.00 wine club)
sold out Petite Verdot $32
($24.00 wine club)
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Changala Winery
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Paso Robles, CA. 93446 
Phone: (805) 226-9060
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